“Mitch is brilliant! I have recently started PT sessions along with my mum. We have found him to be a great coach and always enjoy the sessions. We’re looking forward to seeing the results!”

Louise Green, Crewe, 21


“I started to put weight on by the end of 2017, so I set myself a target for 2018. I contacted Mitch and explained that I wanted to change my current attitude towards meals and diet. We sat down together and went through my current eating habits, along with my likes/dislikes and intolerences to certain food groups. Mitch even set up a weekly meal plan to match my working rota. I lost 2kg within the first week of drinking more water and eating certain foods and meals as set out by Mitch.”

Paul Cartwright, Crewe, 40


“I have to credit Mitch for changing my outlook on the gym and for pushing me during our sessions together that got me now going all the time. The training is intense but that’s how it’s meant to be, having Mitch there to support and push you further is why he’s a great Personal Trainer and you walk out the gym a better person.”

Tony Haskell, Elworth, 22


“I’ve been working closely with Mitch for the past 2 years. Firstly by cutting 29 pounds of fat off, followed by reaching my targets of gaining muscle to achieve my long term goals. His training advice and nutritional knowledge is second to none and having trained with him numerous times, I’m pleased I chose Mitch to help me on my journey. I always recommend him to anyone who’s interested in starting there own fitness journey”

Andrew Lawrinson, Sandbach, 23


“I started using Mitch as my PT around a year ago and never looked back since. The initial plan was to use him for 6 months and get familiar with workout routines and gym equipment, but found that progress was so great that he was still beneficial to carry on the sessions. Since he has helped me with form, strength gain, weight loss, body toning and also made a nutritional plans that are tailored to my weight goals. I don’t think I would have progressed as quickly as I have had it not been for Mitch’s help and I don’t think I would have stuck at it as long as I have had it not been for the fact that Mitch doesn’t treat you just as a client and is always willing to go the extra mile to help out. Looking forward to another year of progress!”

James Longman, Crewe, 23


“I’ve just started my third block of PT sessions with Mitch, I was nervous at first due to long standing injuries from Rugby. There was no need to worry Mitch put me at ease straight away with a training programme to suit. He quickly identified my limits and continues to push and support me to achieve my goals. Mitch has also designed me a diet and a training plan to follow myself. I have already recommended Mitch to others and will continue to do so”.

Terry Buckley, Crewe, 56


“I have been training with Mitch now for almost 6 months and i can safely say that without his motivation and knowledge I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. I would recommend his services to anyone who has fitness goals but lacks the guidance and knowledge that Mitch provides”.

Carly Thompson, Crewe, 23


“I began working with Mitch about 2 years ago at that point I had been training for 12 months and seen very little progress. Mitch designed me my first clean bulking plan and training programme. While following Mitch’s plan I not only gained lean muscle but at the same time lost fat. Mitch also helped me cut prior to a holiday in which I achieved 8% body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Since then I have been working with Mitch to achieve each goal we have set”.

Patrick Maren, Stafford, 21


“I have been training with Mitch for just over 2 months. He’s a great motivator even when hes laughing at me because its hurting! Well on my way to losing a stone, couldn’t of done it without him”.

Julie Hadfield, Sandbach, 47


“I find the need to improve my health for a well-rounded life. Consistent training keeps me alert mentally whilst improving my physical status. Personal Training is second to none and I’m encouraged to improve with every session with Mitch”.

C. Alan Golden, Haslington, 53


“I started training with Mitch in October 2015 with objectives to get fit, tone up and lose weight. Having previously lacked motivation going to the gym I needed guidance and encouragement both of which Mitch gives in abundance. I soon found that my overall fitness level improved including my core strength to a point where exercise is now a part of my life.

Training with Mitch one on one is far more effective than if I was simply left in the gym to my own devices. Sessions with Mitch are varied and demanding, targeting specific areas such as arms or chest and trying out new exercises.   Mitch offers advice on overall health and nutrition and is in the process of reviewing my diet to support my training”.

Alan Platt, Sandbach, 37


“Before I started training with Mitch I struggled to find the right programme for me but when Mitch took control of my training he showed me a consistent way of not just understanding what I’m doing with my programme but also my diet. I would recommend Mitch to anybody who wants to loose weight the right way hes a thoroughly nice guy who will give his time to show you what you can achieve and I truly believe give Mitch the chance and he will make you a better person and believe more in you as a person”.

Mark Warrington, Crewe, 40